Welcome to the website of the dutch headquarters of Micromusic. For those who just got lost here and do not know where you’re at we got a small introduction to micromusic for you. And off course also some info on the dutch hq and what we do.

Micromusic is an internet community that builds on musicians and lovers of old computer-games, this combined with a "do-it-yourself" attitude in which gameboys, commodores and free music-software are more important than expensive equipment and loads of technical knowledge. Every 2 months new free songs, composed by artists all around the world, become available trough the website www.micromusic.net All members of micromusic.net are lovers of 8-bit music from gameboy-electro, pixeltechno, blitter breakcore and atari acid.

Micromusic is closely related to chipmusic or chiptunes, music composed on gamecomputers or for games music, if you want more exact info on this, check the infamous wikipedia for all the info you do or do not need: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chip_music

Trough diffrent Counties and Cities worldwide Micromusic is organised through local Headquarters. Micromusic NL-Hq started out as in the north of the Netherlands with Poke 1,170 and Sjors of The C-men, somewhere way back in in 2002. They had been VJ-ing for the micro-community around the world for some years by then. They were later joined by Jeroen aka DJ Polarbear when they organised their first big microfestival, Microfest Holland.
In the following years more events were gradually develloped and forces were joined.
Recently the two main groups of micro-artist in Holland, Alles Los Agency in Enschede(North-East of NL) and Videohometraining in Brabant(South of NL), started working together more closely.
Our activities have spread to other dutch cities as well as collaborations with other MicroHeadquaters in countries like Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the UK, Russia, Japan and the United States.

Together forming an active network and joining forces to collaborate in micro-events, concerts, tours and festivals,
NL-HQ focuses on organising micro-events in and around Holland working with many different partners in order to present Micromusic to the public.

If you are interested in micromusic, please stay some longer or get in contact with us.